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Welcome to the official website of the John Dos Passos Society. We are recognized by the American Literature Association and are dedicated to the dissemination of information on Dos Passos scholarship. We hope you will consider becoming a member and supporting the John Dos Passos Society. 

Biennial Conferences

Fotografía: Jorge Rosenvinge

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

The first biennial John Dos Passos Society conference was a huge success. We brought together speakers from across the United States and various other countries to discuss the importance of Dos Passos’s legacy, his impact on American modernism, and strategies for bringing him into the classroom.

Fotografía: Jorge Rosenvinge

Madrid 2016

Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

The second biennial John Dos Passos Society conference was a truly international event. It gathered participants from different countries and dealt, among other topics, with Dos Passos´s relationship to Spain.

Fotografía: Jorge Rosenvinge

Lisbon 2018


Third Biennial John Dos Passos Society Conference (June 20-22, Lisbon, Portugal).

News & Events


january 2019

Boston ALA Conference deadline.

More info to come soon




The Third Biennial John Dos Passos Society Conference begins at the National Geographic Society in Lisbon, Portugal.

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